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Ignition Control, Spark Plug Wires, Spark Plugs
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Fuel Filters, Fuel Systems, Fuel Pumps, Phantom Fuel System
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Cylinder Heads

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$100 off GT Diesel Tuner, GT Gas Tuner, RFI Cold Air Intake
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Oil Filter Adapters, Oil and Coolant Tanks, Oil Pans
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Engine Accessories, Oil Pans, Pit Mats
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Performance Cam Bearings, Performance Main Bearings, Performance Rod Bearings
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True Roller Timing Sets, Quick Button Timing Covers
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Shocks, Traction Devices
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Carburetors, Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifolds, Water & Fuel Pumps
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Evolution CS/CTS, Insight CS/CTS, Juice with Attitude
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FloMax Diesel Filtration System, FloMax Fuel Filtration System
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Headers, Tork Step Headers, Xtreme Exhaust Equipment
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Performance Carburetor
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Competition Headers, Super Competition Headers
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Direct Lube Mechanical Lifters, Pro Max Direct Lube Mechanical Roller Lifters, Steel Billet Mechanical Roller Lifters
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Automatic Transmission, Torque Converter
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Air Filter, Oil Filter, Heavy Duty Air Filter, Intake System
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Shock Absorbers, Bell Housing, Traction Bars

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PowerPak Pistons, PowerPak Plus Pistons, Diesel PowerPak Pistons, Pro Series Pistons
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Fuel Pump, Ignition Control Box

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Oil Pump, Camshaft, Timing Sets, Valve Springs
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Ignition Wires, Oil Pans, Valve Covers


Complete Drivetrain Product Solutions, Performance Ring and Pinion Sets, Replacement & Towing Ring & Pinion Sets

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Gaskets, Valve Covers
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Nitrous Oxide System(drag) 
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Chassis Wiring Harness, Switch Control Panels
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Internet Mail Order
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Grip Pro High Performance Ltd Slip Differential, No Slip Traction Lock Right, LS Limited Slip Differentials
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Pressure Regulators, Carburetor, Four Door Power Valve, Fuel Pumps, Valve Cover Breather Clamps

Data Logger, Instrumentation, SmartWire 
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Two-Way Headsets, EMT Foam Earpieces, Short Track/ Drag Packages
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Bullet Proof Transmisions, Hi Performance Gear Sets, Spools
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5 Point Seat Belts, FR Racing Suits, Racing Fuel Cells
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Performance Hose, Performance Hose Ends & Fittings
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Lifters, Push Rods, Rocker Arms, Valve Springs, Valves
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Locking Collector Bolts, Locking Header Bolts, Locking Oil Pan Bolts, Locking Turbo Nuts and Bolts

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Rubber Parts, Spring Rubbers, Weather Stripping
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FlashPaq, FlashPaq for Jeep, TrailDash
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HEI Distributors/ Magnetos
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Battery Box and Relocation Kit, Spark Plug Wires
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4x4 & Jeep Performance Front Axle Kits, 4x4 & Jeep Performance Rear Axle Kits, Muscle Car Performance Rear Axle Shaft Kits
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Oil Filtration Relocation Kit, Carburetor Spacers, Fuel Injection Spacers

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Intake Manifold, Water Pump

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Bolt on Disc Brake Kits, Disc Brakes/ Performance Pads, Calipers/Hubs, Master Cylinders/ Fluid, Rotors
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Bellhousings, Flexplates

Pro Stock Camshaft, Black Ice Valvetrain
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Performance Transmissions, Performance Converters, Performance Power Glide Parts

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Performance Headers, Performance Exhaust, Performance Polished Tips

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Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Rotating Assemblies

Piston Rings, Rotating Assemblies, Wrist Pins
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Seats, Harness

Connecting Rods

POWERTRAX LOCK-RIGHT Locker is the original locking differential

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OEM Bedliner by POR-15

NEW Sponsors - just joined Contingency Connection in 2016 

Race Headers, Street Headers
100% American Made
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42” Chest w/base and Workbench Box by Ricky Sanders

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Transporters, Trailers

Adhesive-Backed Heat Barrier, Aluminized Heat Barrier, Exhaust Insulating Wrap, Ultra-Lite Insulating Mats
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Products for Professionals